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Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Update (Nov 2021)

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team

Rocky Shoals Spider Lily, photo by Mac Stone

The Parks Mill Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Preservation site on Stevens Creek near Plum Branch in McCormick has been a wonderful opportunity to observe and preserve a wonderful, rare plant. The lilies are prospering at our Parks Mill site, but kayaking surveys have indicated a serious decline in size and number of sites downstream from the Parks Mill site. Fortunately, a Clemson University professor, Dr. Althea Hagan, and her students have taken a keen interest in the problem. Grad student Andy Grunwald came to SCNPS with a grant request to research the problem, and SCNPS was glad to help fund his efforts. For the last two seasons, Andy and his undergrad helpers have been propagating lily plants and testing different approaches to getting plants established in the creek. It has been a challenge in a system that regularly has high-water events. In addition, Andy has reviewed a vast amount of research on rocky shoals spider lily and is very knowledgeable on the subject. At our November 2021 meeting, Andy gave us an update on the project’s activities and achievements.

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