The SCNPS State Team

Members at the Blue Ridge Parkway. Credit: Daniel Whitten.

The South Carolina Native Plant Society (SCNPS) was founded in 1996 as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Over the decades, we have grown to over a thousand members and six chapters throughout the state.

While much of our programing happens at the local chapter level, our state Board of Directors sets the goals, provides oversight, and promotes collaboration between our chapters, as well as with other agencies and organizations that share our mission. In addition to our President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the Board encompasses the President and a Chapter Representative from each of our six chapters.

President: Dan Whitten

Vice President: Frank Holleman

Secretary: Samantha Porzelt

Treasurer: Tierney Rosenstock

Grand Strand Chapter President: Victoria Green

Lowcountry Chapter President: Samantha Porzelt

Midlands Chapter President: Don McInnes

Piedmont Chapter President: Mitzi Stewart

South Coast Chapter President: Laura Lee Rose

Upstate Chapter President: Pam Barbour


Grand Strand Chapter Representative: Jan Gannon

Lowcountry Chapter Representative: Montana Feix

Midlands Chapter Representative: Bill McCullough

Piedmont Chapter Representative: vacant

South Coast Chapter Representative: Julianne Smith

Upstate Chapter Representative: Rick Huffman

State Membership Chair: Cynthia Gibson

Invasive Species Chair: Jan Haldeman

Parks Mill Restoration Chair and Past Journal Editor: Bill Stringer

Cullowhee Chair: Jeff Jackson

Advocacy Chair: Rick Huffman

Lisa Matthews Bay Chair: Sudie Thomas

Kingsburg Bay Chair: Lisa Lord