Where To Find Native Plants

The Upstate Native Nursery

SCNPS Upstate Native Nursery

The Upstate Native Nursery (UNN) is an initiative of the Upstate chapter of SCNPS. The purpose of the UNN is to facilitate the overall SCNPS Mission by growing and distributing native plants that support our local ecosystems, but are often hard to find. We offer plants native to the Piedmont and Blue Ridge ecoregions of SC and neighboring states.

In the interest of promoting genetic diversity, we prioritize propagation with locally field-collected seed.

Credit: Doug Lockard

Join the Greenhouse Gang

Throughout the year, UNN Manager Chuck Hubbuch schedules half-day workshops to propagate seeds, divide & re-pot plants, take cuttings, and other activities which enable us to grow up to 4,000 plants a year.

Come join the fun by volunteering and learn about native plants while contributing to this incredibe effort.

No experience, skills, or commitment required, just email the UNN and we’ll put you on the mailing list for upcoming events.

The Upstate Native Nursery in Greenville, SC

Future Site of the UNN

Currently in the works is a move of the UNN from the home of Kitty and Miller Putnam to a new dedicated site within the Conestee Nature Preserve, adjacent to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, just minutes from downtown.

The site will be accessible via either the SWT or trails from within the Conestee preserve, and by vehicle from Henderson Ave.

Beginning in 2025, we hope to be open year-round by appointment based on volunteer availability. If you’re interested in helping us out with the move, drop us a line!

John Fritz and Rick Huffman helping shoppers with expert advice! Credit: Doug Lockard

Native Plant Sales

Our plant sales take a lot of effort, but the more volunteers, the easier and more fun it is. We need admissions, loaders, trucks and trailers, tent erectors, fence builders, waterers, sign makers, cashiers, and lots of other help to make each sale possible. Our Sales Chair posts the volunteer positions needed, a schedule, and a sign-up sheet for each sale. We’d be very happy to hear from you! Join the Team!

Credit: Doug Lockard

Be a Home Grower

Although we grow the majority of our plants at the UNN, we do purchase some. And, many of our plants are donated by our team of home growers. If you’re a gardener and enjoy growing, we’d like to invite you to join the team that make annual contributions to our inventory.

Contact our UNN Manager to discuss what species you have or we need and what our schedule is for the coming year. This is a great way for those of you with a green thumb to make your contribution!

The UNN Seed Envelope Art by Gina Asalon

Seed Harvesting

An important aspect of the UNN’s success is our focus on gathering native seeds from those genotype plants that grow in our area. This effort represents a multigenerational database of knowledge of where our true natives can be found and ethically harvested. A great way to contribute is to join our seed collecting team!

We go out twice a year to harvest seeds as they mature, then bring them back to the UNN and clean them and store them in accordance with their stratification needs. In addition to being used for the propagation of plants at the UNN, these seeds may be packaged for distribution (by sale or donation) to the Upstate community.

Contact our Seed Bank Coordinator for more information on the Seed Bank.