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Plant S.O.S.

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team

On Saturday, October 1, we will be rescuing Christmas ferns, dogwood saplings, and other native plants from a site in Pickens County, near the Nine Times Forest, just south of Highway 11.  We will start at 9 a.m. and be finished by noon.  Email if you want to take part, and you will be sent directions.  The site is just off Meece Mill Road, but the exact address for parking will depend upon how many people sign up.  Wear long pants and long sleeves; bring gloves, water to drink, shovel, and pots.

Naturaland Trust is removing one dam and lowering another one as part of a stream restoration project.  As we did last fall near Oconee State Park, we will be rescuing plants from the dam sites and the nearby area that will be disturbed.  The plants will be taken back to the Native Plant Society’s greenhouse to be part of the next plant sale and/or to provide plant materials for the greenhouse.  Participants can also take some for their own gardens.