Benefits of Fall Planting

Everyone loves spring planting; the joy of rediscovering the outdoors, the renewal of life, and all that.  Let’s take a moment to consider the benefits of a second planting, Autumn!

It’s a given that the most critical aspect of planting is optimizing new root growth.  Establishing your new plant in its new home will ultimately determine its long-term health and appeal.  That said, planting when both the soil and air are still warm from the summer months is a definite advantage over spring where temperatures are slowly rising.

Planting in the fall effectively provides new plants two seasons to get established before the demands of summer when heat, humidity, and inconsistent rainfall combine with the stress of producing blooms and fruits.  And, of course, the onslaught of hungry insects and pathogens.

Fall potted plant purchases are often a better value than in spring simply because they’re more mature.  If you unpot a nursery plant in the fall, you’ll generally find substantially more root and foliage growth than you’d likely see in the spring. Many nurseries, including the Upstate Native Nursery, begin their seedlings in the fall to winter months in greenhouses, and those that don’t sell in spring, have all summer to grow in a carefully nurtured environment.

And let’s face it; after a long, hot and humid summer, the Autumn months are a joyful time to be outside!

Plan to visit the SCNPS Upstate Native Nursery Fall Sale October 1ST to 22nd!

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