The Upstate Native Nursery

Miller & Kitty Putnam

The SCNPS Upstate Chapter has conducted plant sales since the late 1980’s, and in 2011 established the Upstate Native Nursery on the estate of Miller & Kitty Putnam.  The UNN has since become a legacy here in the Upstate and plays a vital role within the Society and throughout our Upstate community.  We propagate and grow around 3,500 plants each year, many of which are The UNN is an all-volunteer organization and is organized into several sub-groups for coordination and communication.   We also purchase around 1,500 plants each year from area wholesale growers for resale.

The Greenhouse Gang at work


Meet the volunteers that make it all possible

UNN Steering Committee:  This group of a nine to twelve provide the annual planning, budgetary and operational oversight.

Greenhouse Gang:  This group of tireless volunteers is currently led by Pam Barbour and Kay Stafford and they propagate seeds, nurture cuttings, divide and up-pot plants year-round, and maintain the plants have optimal growing conditions.

Jon Fitz & Dan Whitten

Sales Team: Twice a year Sales chair Kathy Harrington assembles these members to staff the Spring and Fall sales.  Formerly the sales were a massive 2-day production at Conestee Park, but more recently due to Covid have been held at the UNN.

Our Growers:  May of our members like Jon Fitz, Judy Seeley and Tom Simpson grow plants hundred of plants for us at their own nurseries for us.  Occasionally we’ll organize a ‘dig’ at someone’s property, and sometimes they just drop them off at the UNN.

Seed Collection:  This group of folks share insights on when, where and how to collect true SC native seeds, how to clean and store them, and are building a storehouse of seeds and database of knowledge on how to propagate them.


Although anyone can call Sales Team year round to make an appointment to visit the nursery, we conduct two sales ‘events’ each year; one at the beginning of the Spring sowing season (April), and another at the beginning of the Fall sowing season (September).   Watch here for details on upcoming sales.

Contact Us:  [email protected]



We’ve seen several beautiful days in the last couple of weeks, robins are hopping all over the place, bluebirds are hooking up and checking out the boxes, and goldfinches are starting to get bright yellow feathers…all harbingers of Spring!  We’re please to announce our Spring sale will be held from Saturday April 10th through Saturday May 1st at the Upstate Native Nursery (UNN).  We know you are all itching to get Native Plants into the ground as soon as possible!

WHAT:  2021 Upstate Native Nursery Spring Plant Sale


    • Members Only: Tuesday April 6hth to Saturday May 1st
    • Everyone:  Saturday April 10th to Saturday May 1st

WHERE:  180 Lakewood Drive,  Greenville, SC 29607


Click the link below to see the more than 230 SC native species available in this years sale, their sizes and pricing for over 5,000 individual plants.  Please keep in mind that some species availability is limited and strictly first-come-first served, so shop early!  

Download Price List to Print


  • We will continue to practice Covid safety during the 2021 Spring Sale and all orders must made in advance and/or by appointment to visit the nursery.   Please follow the following process:
  • View the Plant Price List online and then send an e-mail to the Contact Us address with the plant name, size and quantity you wish to purchase
    • If you have any questions you can contact Kathy at [email protected] or calling her at 864-310-1144, but please place your order by e-mail.
  • Kathy will enter your order in, check the availability, and respond with an ‘Estimate’ by e-mail.
  • When you ‘approve’ the estimate by e-mail,  your order will then be pulled by a volunteer and you’ll be sent a confirmation of your order, and an ‘INVOICE’ by e-mail, with instructions on how to pay online by credit card.
    • Contact Kathy if you have any questions about alternate payment
  • Once your payment is made, please visit the nursery at 180 Lakewood Drive, Greenville, SC 29607.  Due to limited space and the necessity to prevent deer eating the plants, we request that you pick-up your order within 24 hours of making payment.

APPOINTMENTS:  Appointments for on-site visits during the sale will be taken only if there is an initial order placed and masks will be required.  If you would like to browse when you pick-up your order, just contact Kathy to schedule a time to make sure a volunteer is on-hand.  If you want to add to your order, the volunteer will help you.


We’re very happy to have several of our vendors back for the Spring sale including:

Jeff Miller of Sarracenia Southeast Nursery

We’re excited to have Jeff and his incredible plants back this year.  This year, he’ll be offering a variety of Pitcher Plants (White, Yellow, Sweet, Purple, Hooded, Green & Judith  Hindle’) as well as Sundew and Venus Fly Trap.  His plants are included in the UNN pricelist.

For more information on these amazing plants & Jeff’s nursery in Travelers Rest, check out Jeff’s website. 


Joe Townsend’s Oconee Bells

Joe is a living legend of the SCNPS Upstate and is credited with being a driving force in the restoration and preservation of the Oconee Bells and other rare ephemerals in the Upstate.  We’ve just learned Joe will be offering a limited quantity of his Oconee Bells at this years sale!



Oconee Bells (Shortia galacifolis)

Photo by Janie Marlow




Photo courtesy of The Greenhouse Gang

Directions to the NPS Greenhouse at Kitty and Miller Putnam’s home.

Miller and Kitty Putnam’s home is at 180 Lakewood Drive, Greenville 29607.  From I-85, get off at Mauldin Road, exit 46 (exit for Augusta Rd/Pleasantburg Dr./ Mauldin Rd.)  Mauldin is actually exit 46C.  Go south on Mauldin Rd. for 3.0 miles.   Once you pass Conestee park sport complex on the right and Conestee Lake Road on the right, look for Lakewood Dr. (small street only on right) Turn right on Lakewood.  (If you miss it, go to next street/stop light which is Conestee Rd. and turn right.  That will bring you back to left turn onto Lakewood)  On Lakewood go 0.4 miles to 180 on the right. 

The mail box numbering jumps a little and is not easy to see.  Putnams have dual mail boxes with an “NPS Greenhouse” sign. There are two driveways on either side of a pond visible from the road.  We usually go in the right-hand drive around the pond and come out the opposite driveway.   

Take the right lane around the pond and follow the signs.