Kudzu Killing Party

Dan Whitten, FOJ and SCNPS


Kudzu Killer Miller

Four of us met at high noon on October 10th to Kill some Kudzu at Devils Fork State Park remote boat ramp overflow parking.  This is the first of 3 remote boat accesses.  We only worked an hour and a quarter, but got a wonderful satisfaction of cleaning the fast-growing patch completely out.  You can imagine how hard it is to eradicate well established colonies of Kudzu, so getting this one early prevented a hopeless situation after another year of ignoring it.

Thanks to Nathan Pinner, president of Friends of Jocassee, Jon Heiliger, board member of SCNPS Upstate and David Miller, SCNPS member.  Rowdy Harris, DFSP superintendent came by and helped some as well.  Rest assured; I will be checking back on this place next year to do any mop-up necessary.


One Response

  1. Cynthia Gibson says:

    Kill, kudzu, Kill Kill Kill!!!

    Sorry, just venting. Sooo glad you were able to eliminate it, at least for now. Keep us all posted!