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Upstate Seed Bank Program Update

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team

Report from the Upstate Native Nursery: The SCNPS Native Seed Bank

The SCNPS native seed bank was started years ago at the Upstate Native Nursery as a source for seeds used in propagating stock for our plant sales. The ultimate goal of the program has long been to raise funds to support the work of the SCNPS while disseminating genetically diverse seeds from across our region.

Now, though, with the relocation and expansion of the nursery, improvements have been made to the seed bank program so that it can also be used as a tool in educating the Upstate Community about the proper collection, storage, and propagation of native seeds. A propagation guide has been developed for Seed Bank volunteers with information on the collection, storage, pre-treatment, and sowing for each of the inventoried species. This additional information was compiled from Jan A.W. Midgley’s Native Plant Propagation (fifth edition) and Prairie Moon Nursery 2022 Cultural Guide.

Plans for the further development of the program include the purchase of a temperature- and humidity-controlled refrigerator to store the seed; and organizing Seed Collecting Field Trips as a learning tool for both the general public and for future leaders of the Seed Bank program.

Once fully developed, our Native Seed Bank Program will enhance our efforts to:

  • Educate and inform members and the general public about the importance of native plants.
  • Support efforts by government agencies to protect habitats and endangered species.
  • Encourage the use of native plant materials in public and private landscaping.
  • Promote the commercial availability of native plant materials.