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Upstate Program: Jim Welch from Nature Scene

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team

Jim Welch presents “Scenes from Nature Scene TV show”

The October 15 Native Plant Society meeting features Jim Welch, co-host of the long-running tv program Nature Scene on PSB.  Dr. Welch will share experiences from his 20-year run, along with Rudy Mancke, creating Nature Scene.  They filmed episodes throughout the USA and around the world.  The program will be held at Landrum Depot, 211 North Trade Ave, Landrum SC, starting at 7pm.   The event is free and open to the public.


Jim Welch grew up in Vermont and recalls tales of sugaring there. One of the ETV shows with Rudy Mancke (who grew up in Spartanburg) was filmed at his old family farm in Vermont. Others were widespread, throughout the United States and to Lake Baikal in Siberia, to Chernobyl, Ukraine, and to the dry provinces and rain forests of Costa Rica.  From those travels and filming Jim still has artifacts and tales, often amusing, of behind-the-scenes mishaps and adventures that never made it into the TV programs.

Welch graduated from Alan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California.  He  went on to study broadcasting at UCLA, the University of Miami and the University of Hawaii. He received the Doctor of Science degree from Lander University in 1998.  He worked in Columbia for many years as a news anchor for WISTV. Later he moved to SCETV as Director of Programming and there produced and hosted a number of series before deciding to devote himself to NATURE SCENE.

Each show was a walk on the beach or through the woods.  Welch and Mancke talked about the animals and plants they encountered.  It gave Welch a chance to observe nature up close and to share it with the audience. Nature lovers loved the show, and the duo did 300 episodes.  Now retired,  Jim Welch lives with his wife on long-held family property in North Carolina where he still walks the trails and enjoys nature.