Upstate Native Plant Sale

The Upstate Fall Greenhouse Native Plant Sale is just around the corner!! Once you flip your calendar to October, the sale is right there, boom, on Friday, October 4, from 3pm to 7pm and Saturday, October 5, from 9am to 2pm.  Just now, the soil is cooling, the temperatures are falling.  October and November are the best times to plant the trees, shrubs, perennial wildflowers, ferns, vines and grasses that will be available at the sale.  Their roots can sink into the soil and develop without the stress of summer heat and drought.  The plants will be ready to come back strongly in the spring.  Look around your landscape and make a plan of what you want popping up to delight you next spring!  We have several thousand plants available.

For a list of plants available, after Sept. 20 go to  Under the activities heading, click on calendar.  Then click on the date of October 4 where there will be a link to the plant list.

The NPS greenhouse is at 180 Lakewood Drive, Greenville, about 1 mile from Conestee Park. Look for the NPS Greenhouse sign on the mailbox.  This is a low-keyed, relaxed sale, so come and browse.  Cash, check and credit accepted.  The greenhouse is on private property with limited parking.  Please carpool if possible and bring along a friend. Call Miller Putnam at (864) 325-9700 if you have questions or would like to stop by the greenhouse between now and the sale.

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