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On Our Radar: Tiny Libraries, Tiny Houses, and… Tiny Forests?

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team


First, there were tiny libraries cropping up all over. Then, tiny houses became all the craze. (Don’t get us wrong. We definitely approve of both.)

But, oh, man. This next one really gets our juices flowing!

From the New York Times (yes, sorry, behind the paywall), an amazing article about the growing trend toward the planting and tending of “Tiny Native Forests.” Wow!

To quote the article, this is “a sweeping movement that is transforming dusty highway shoulders, parking lots, schoolyards and junkyards worldwide. Tiny forests have been planted across Europe, in Africa, throughout Asia and in South America, Russia and the Middle East. India has hundreds, and Japan, where it all began, has thousands. Now tiny forests are slowly but steadily appearing in the United States.”

If you’ve got access, go read the article. Whether you do or don’t, get inspired! We’ve all got a postage-stamp-sized something. Let’s jump on the Tiny Tree Train!