The HGNP Challenge: A New Year’s Resolution

by Sustainability Correspondent Doug Lockard

2022 saw a boom in economic investment in Greenville County, with 22 business expansion plans announced, $468 million in new capital investment, and 2,326 new jobs. Good news, right? Mostly, but it underscores the urgency of balancing our human needs with the very nature that sustains us.

One way to do that is to GET ON THE MAP! The Homegrown National Park (HGNP) initiative is growing; we think it’s a great program, and something we can all do. 

By the end of 2022, 176 of our neighbors were on the HGNP map, committing to a personal goal of restoring their combined 627 acres to 70% native. It’s a start, and a great idea for a New Year’s resolution for 2023. 

Restoring the biodiversity of our personal properties is essential to the future of ALL species, and this is a fun way YOU can be a part of the change you want to see in the world! 

As your SCNPS Sustainability Correspondent, I’m on the map (it’s easy and free), and I’ll be keeping track of this heroic effort. I’ll keep you posted!

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