Sustainable Landscaping 101


You get how important biodiversity is. You’ve embraced the concept of sustainability. You want to act. 

But, where to start? 

  1. Essential reading: Douglas Tallamy’s Nature’s Best Hope, a short but powerful book. Available at most Upstate libraries and through your local bookstore.
  2. The SC Wildlife Federation has created the “Palmetto Wildlife Habitat” brochure, a great overview on gardening for attracting and sustaining wildlife.
  3. Clemson’s Carolina Yards program has a checklist of terrific ideas to help you get started making your property more sustainable.
  4. Our “About The Plants page tells you everything you need to know about putting the right plant in the right place. 
  5. Join us in April at Conestee Park for our Spring 2023 Native Plant Sale. More than just plants (but of course, PLANTS!): Meet your fellow native plant and biodiversity enthusiasts, get and give advice, and generally have a swell ol’ time geeking out over South Carolina natives!

Learning about native plants and biodiversity is fun for all ages and interest levels, and restoring your own property can be an immensely rewarding exercise. Start slow, set reasonable goals, and enjoy the journey! 

Need an assist? Have specific questions or problems? Upstate Sustainability Correspondent Doug Lockard will be happy to help! 

3 Responses

  1. Douglas Young says:

    Hi Doug,
    What plants do you recommend for f butterflies and just good for a South Carolinian yard. I’m knee to the area thanks Doug

  2. Doug Lockard says:

    Great question. Here’s a link to an article I wrote last year on the subject, and there’s lots of information out there on the web. I’ve been trying to consolidate it down to a kind of ‘best of’ recommended native plant list for South Carolina but haven’t finished it yet. If you’ll send me an e-mail, I’ll try to work on it this month and send you a draft before our plant sale in April.

  3. I’m thrilled to dive into sustainable landscaping! Biodiversity and sustainability are crucial, and I’m eager to learn from resources like Douglas Tallamy’s book and the Palmetto Wildlife Habitat brochure. Clemson’s Carolina Yards checklist seems like a great guide, and your upcoming Native Plant Sale sounds exciting. Thanks for the encouragement to take it step by step and reach out for help. Let’s make our properties eco-friendly!

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