Sharing Native Plants With Children

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By educating children to the importance of native plants in fostering a robust and diverse environment we can create stewards for the natural world.

In this new series of articles, we will offer simple steps and information to expose children to native plants, natural plant communities and their ecology.

Spring in the Mountains and Piedmont!
by Sue Watts

In early February, the forest floor begins to stir as small green shoots push through the leaf litter. Spring begins! The spring herbaceous layer is exceptionally diverse in environments with rich soils containing lots of organic material. From February to May, every day something new appears in the landscape! Walking in the woods with your children is a simple way to experience the delight of native plants. Use this information sheet from the South Carolina Botanical Garden to explore your local woods. For a delightful book to share with children about spring wildflowers consider this picture book by the Indiana Native Plant Society: Wake Up, Woods!

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