SCNPS Updates and Re-Prints Native Grasses Book

Native Grasses Book CoverSCNPS has updated the taxonomy and re-printed the book, “100 Native Forage Grasses in 11 Southern States”. It is a definitive guide to identification, adaptation and use of 100 Southern native grass species. The book contains excellent line-drawn illustrations, including enlargements of key ID characteristics, along with distribution maps. It was re-printed by the SC Native Plant Society on the occasion of the 6th Eastern Native Grass Symposium in Columbia, SC in 2008, where over 80 copies were sold. Sturdy color cover (varnished for wear) with oversized spiral binding for ease of use in the field. You can purchase a copy from our online bookstore.

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  1. jack chapman says:

    The 6th Eastern Naive Grass Symposium was held in Columbia SC from Oct 7-10 2008. Clemson University Agriculture, Forestry and Life Science published the proceedings of the symposium called “Managing an Ecosystem on the Edge”. Is there any copies that can be purchased or copies on line?

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