Planes, trains, and automobiles — and leaf blowers?

An emissions testing lab pitted a 6,210cc truck against a 30cc leaf blower. Guess which one lost.

SCNPS founder Rick Huffman sent in the following report, along with a scathing commentary:

“The landscape industry is broken. From toxic chemicals and fertilizers to fueling climate disaster, it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude. It’s a billion-dollar industry built upon an artificial view of the outdoor world where water is to be wasted and polluted with fertilizers and herbicides, and nature is to bend to heel. Landscapes are chemically and mechanically frozen in time. The machine of marketing and money suppress our concept as “Daniel Boone” landscaping with stick and pots of dirt… As the blowers and weed eaters crank up, now you know.”

The results from the testing lab:

Click HERE to read a lively article detailing the setup and results of the test.

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