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May Upstate General Chapter Meeting

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Melanie Rhulman. Credit:

Melanie Ruhlman: “Utilization of Native Species in Riparian and Floodplain Restoration Projects in the Upper Saluda Watershed”

Melanie Ruhlman from Save Our Saluda will present on the use of native plant species in restoring riparian and floodplain areas within the Upper Saluda Watershed. Her talk will cover how these plants are integral to watershed planning, source water protection, soil conservation, and stream restoration, including techniques like streambank stabilization, riparian buffers, exotic species control, and live staking. Save Our Saluda is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Upper Saluda Watershed. The organization aims to educate the community, raise awareness of water resource issues, and emphasize the importance of protecting our rivers. It advocates for clean, sustainable water flows and collaborates with partners and volunteers to address threats to the Saluda River and its tributaries.


Melanie Ruhlman is an accomplished water resources specialist with a rich background spanning over two decades in watershed planning and management. Her career has encompassed roles in industry, government, private sectors, and nonprofits. Melanie holds a bachelor’s degree in Forestry from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree in Forest Hydrology from the University of Georgia.

Her expertise covers a wide range of areas including watershed assessment, hydrology, water quality, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, stream and soil assessments, wetlands, and public outreach and education. Residing along the North Saluda River in Marietta, South Carolina, Melanie enjoys an active lifestyle with her husband and two children, engaging in activities like paddling, biking, hiking, and gardening.


Meeting Information

May 21, 2024
In person social time starts at 6:30PM
ZOOM opens at 6:50 for announcements
Presentation at 7PM
Kroc Center Greenville
424 Westfield St, Greenville, SC 29601