Lowcountry: Plant Sale Pre-order Instructions and List

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Members will be able to pre-order plants between Tuesday February 23 and Sunday February 28.  If you are not a current member, you will need to join on or before Monday February 22 to participate in this pre-order.  You can do so online at https://scnps.org/scnps-membership

Here is the list of available plants for members only to pre-order for the Spring 2021 plant sale.  Place your order by emailing Sydney Taylor at bees@rootsandshootsnursery.com.  Please put “Spring Native Plant Order” in the subject line, and include your full name and phone number in the message.  If someone else will be picking up your order, please include that information too.

For each plant ordered be sure to include:

  • Common and botanical name of plant (variety if applicable)
  • Size of pot
  • Quantity

There is a minimum of 10 plants per order, and a maximum of 25 plants per order.  A maximum of 20 orders will be taken.  Within two weeks of placing your order, you will receive an email from Sydney Taylor confirming the order and stating the total cost.  Note: quantities are not guaranteed.  Orders will be filled on a first come, first-served basis.  If we reach a maximum capacity, we will stop taking new pre-orders.

You will be able to pickup your pre-ordered plants at Roots and Shoots Nursery (1108 Wappoo Road, Charleston SC, 843-633-1429) from Saturday, March 27 to Friday, April 2 during open hours which is 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday- Friday and 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.

Cash or checks made out to “Roots and Shoots Nursery” will be the only payment methods taken.

If you are not able to pick up your order between these dates and times and make payment by cash or check please do not place an order!  To pay for your plants at pick-up please bring cash or a check made out to “Roots and Shoots Nursery” for the total cost stated in Sydney’s confirmation email.


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