Lowcountry Chapter Community Projects

In an effort to provide increased opportunities for Lowcountry native plant conservation, the Lowcountry Chapter will be sponsoring community projects. Community projects must be directed at protecting, preserving, restoring, and/or educating the public about native plants or plant communities in the Lowcountry of SC. Individual award amounts will not exceed $500. Priority will be given to those projects involving: public land, cultural significance, rare species, and the removal of invasive species. Application deadlines: Fall proposals will be accepted until October 1st and awarded by Nov 1st. Spring proposals will be accepted until February 1st and awarded by March 1st. Lowcountry Chapter Community Project Application Details

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  1. Jock Stender says:

    Please advise what, if anything, your group is doing to promote the planting of butterfly nectar and/or larval food plants, or to educate the public about butterfly populations. What “projects” has the Lowcountry Chapter been involved in?

    Thank you.
    Jock Stender

    • katieellis says:

      Hi Jock,

      Excellent question! We all know the importance of providing plants for larval food and nectar sources for butterflies. If you haven’t already, please check out the section on our website for homeowners: http://scnps.ortg/education/homeowners/

      There is also a great fact sheet about providing native plants for wildlife (including butterflies): https://scnps.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/SCNPS_Wildlife.pdf

      Each year, our Lowcountry Chapter of the Native Plant Society gives out grants to schools and non-profit groups. One recent recipient of a grant was for a butterfly garden for the Mt. Pleasant Land Conservancy. The Lowcountry chapter is also having a plant sale next Saturday (October 6) at Charles Towne Landing — you can get all kinds of native plants that are beneficial to butterflies, like milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), and chat with some members about more specific projects if you’d like.

      – Katie

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