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In Memorium

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team

James Alexander Fowler,
October 6, 1946 to June 25, 2021

As the summer solstice draws nigh, we would like to take the opportunity to once more honor the life and mark the passing of Jim Fowler, a dear friend to many members of the SCNPS and the naturalist community writ large who is still sorely missed. We invite our readers to read (or re-read) the tribute we posted not long after Jim’s death, and to view Rick Huffman’s “Earth Day: Awakening” talk about Jim, his photography, his love of orchids (several used by the USPS in their stamp issue of February, 2020), how his spirit lives on, and how we can act to honor him through service to the Earth. (Rick’s talk was given April 23 at the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Jump to minute 28:40 and then again at 54:40 to go straight to his talk.)

Photo: Purple-Fringed Orchid
Photo Credit: Jim Fowler, June 25, 2021