Grants Committee Seeks Members: Help us help our Upstate!

The SCNPS Upstate Chapter is seeking individuals to be part of our Grants Committee, where they (you!) will participate in the review and recommendation of grant applications received under the Upstate SCNPS Grants Program.

The Committee will meet as needed to discuss the grants, evaluate applications against the Community Grants criteria, and identify any outstanding questions/clarifications. 

Additionally, Committee members may be asked to follow a grantee’s progress for compliance with grant conditions. They may also assist in the research of grant and fundraising opportunities, including drafting documents or completing applications to solicit funding for SCNPS Upstate projects.

To serve on the Upstate Chapter’s Grant Committee, individuals should reside in the geographic area that makes up the SCNPS Upstate Chapter. Grant writing experience is beneficial but not required.

If you’re interested, please contact Grants Committee Chair Daren Jakeman at We’d love to have you!

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