Get Thee Gone, Lawn!

It’s seemingly everywhere these days: Get Thee Gone, Lawn!

In a sign of how mainstream the anti-lawn movement has become, the current (March/April, 2023) issue of Reader’s Digest has an article excerpted from the Washington Post which explores the history of the lawning of America, and the myriad reasons to reverse it.

It’s a fun and inspiring read, just at the right time of year for all of us in the Upstate to consider: How much lawn do we really want — or need?

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  1. Susan Podiak says:

    We recently moved into the Greenville area. It is a new development and the developers only laid down turf in the front yard and the first half of the backyard. It seemed the perfect opportunity to
    try the no lawn idea we had been talking about for years.

    So we turned half the half unturfed area into a garden proper with a heavy layer of mulch and getting it ready for veggies, evergreens, flowers and herbs. We planted several fruit tree, evergreens and bushes.
    We plan on using microclover for paths, and have a package of low wildflower seeds that we will mix with microclover for the other half of the unturfed yard.

    So we’ll see how it goes!

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