Fig Buttercup: Soon to be Blooming Near You…

The SCNPS is partnering with the Friends of the Reedy River (FoRR) this spring to help eradicate the Fig Buttercup (Ficaria verna), an innocent-looking wildflower that is in fact an extremely aggressive invasive plant. It quickly forms mats that out-competes all other native plants along moist streambanks and other wet regions, denying vital resources for pollinators and threatening our healthy biodiverse ecosystems, from the quality of the water we drink to the places we value for recreation.

We need your help with this important Citizen Science endeavor! Unlike most problem plants, this one is an early spring ephemeral and easily recognizable for only a short period, usually March and early April.

Take a few minutes to view this video and learn HOW to recognize it, WHERE it can be found, WHEN to look for it, and WHY it’s so important.

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