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Discover Nature’s Symphony…

Posted on by SCNPS Website Team


A Unique Opportunity to Share South Carolina’s Forest Sounds

One of the overlooked benefits of protecting and preserving our state’s native plants is simply the sounds that emanate from these natural plant communities.  What if you could listen to these forest sounds any time from the comfort of your very own home? Well a novel website called offers you the opportunity to do just that. offers a peaceful retreat by playing sounds from forests around the world.  But taking a look at the library of audio files used by the website, South Carolina’s unique soundscape is missing. Here’s where friends and members of the South Carolina Native Plant Society can help. The next time you are out enjoying the natural wonders of our state take a moment to record and share our local forest sounds. You can find instructions to upload your recordings to the Sounds of the Forest sound map HERE. Let’s put South Carolina on the auditory map and share our state’s natural acoustic beauty with the world. Join the effort and let’s make South Carolina’s forests heard!