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Conservation Activity at LMMB

Posted on by Sudie Thomas


(2018 Update)

Conservation management activities

Conservation work at Lisa Matthews Memorial Bay keeps volunteers busy. During the summer of 2017, the Canby’s Dropwort was in full bloom. The population is healthy with many flowering individuals. Stem counts were not performed (a technique used in the past when the population was small) in the permanent monitoring plots to avoid trampling the thick stands of stems. The upland vegetation was impressive last summer and fall with a great number of wildflowers blooming and native grasses increasing coverage (good for cover and fire fuel).

Brush cutting and controlled burn

In Fall of 2017, the SC Native Plant Society LMMB Committee received a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service through their Conservation Stewardship Program. This grant will provide some funding for ongoing beneficial management activities.

After receiving the funding, volunteers were able to perform some down and dirty brush cutting. Jeff Glitzenstein, John Brubaker, Linda Lee, and Sudie Thomas conducted manual brush-cutting of woody vegetation in the upland areas. Species targeted were sweetgum, black cherry, and water oak. Beautyberry, hawthorn, blueberry and other lower growing beneficial native woody plants were not cut. These hardwood species are competition for the planted longleaf pine and other desirable herbaceous species that provide cover and food for wildlife.

In January 2018, the LMMB burn crew was able get fire on the ground! Joe Cockrell prepared a fantastic burn plan and led the prescribed fire at the Bay this year. The burn was a great success! The wind stayed steady out of the east and there were no smoke issues. Notice the photo with big flames in the foreground, that’s Baptisia perfoliata ablaze! Jeff Glitzenstein grew many plants from hand collected seeds which were planted several years ago. The next task is to brush cut vegetation again in early April 2018. Volunteers welcome!


Complied by: Sudie Thomas

Lisa Matthews Memorial Bay committee: Sudie Thomas (Chair), Jeff Glitzenstein, Lisa Lord, Linda Lee, Kathy Boyle, Bert Pittman, John Brubaker