A Liatris from Diane P, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, I hope you can identify this for me. I found several kinds of liatris growing in the same general area in the […]

Hypericum walteri from Diane P, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This is another Fall Line plant, growing along the edge of a pond and in mucky areas where the water has receded, […]

Eupatorium serotinum from Jim in SC

I have identified this plant as boneset. However none of the plants on my property exhibit the “perforated leaf” which is supposedly the origin of […]

Another Helianthus from Crystal in SC

Roadside. Upland conditions. Leaves stem glaborous. Flowers 1.5″-2″. Hi Crystal, this is another of the difficult perennial sunflowers, genus Helianthus. Probably different from the other […]

A Helianthus from Crystal in SC

Found road side. Top/bottom of leaves very glaborous, stem hairy as well. Flowers ~1.5″-2″, 10 or more petals. May be two different species here? Color […]

Boehmeria cylindrica from Diane P, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, Another full sun, pond-side plant from the rural Fall Line region. The photos were taken on August 25. I’m also attaching a […]