Welcome to the South Carolina Native Plant Society!

The South Carolina Native Plant Society is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and protection of native plant communities in South Carolina. We work to make this happen by providing programs and activities  including field trips, plant rescues, native plant sales, monthly educational lectures and educational journals designed to:

  • Educate and inform members and the general public about the importance of native plants
  • Support efforts by government agencies to protect habitats and endangered species
  • Encourage the use of native plant materials in public and private landscaping
  • Promote the commercial availability of native plant materials

Join us to enjoy and learn more about native plant and to help more people come to understand and appreciate the vital role native plant species play in the health and sustainability of our natural ecosystem!

SCNPS 2017 Statewide Meeting

May 23rd @ Riverbanks Botanical Garden

The SCNPS now holds its symposia (usually a three-day event) every other year, and a statewide meeting (a one-day event) in the alternate years.  Our 2016 Symposium was held at the South Carolina Botanical Garden at Clemson University, and this year the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Garden will host our annual meeting on May 23rd.  Our keynote speaker will be Kim Counts Morganello.  Kim is a Water Resources Extension Agent with the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service and the Carolina Clear Program.  Kim will be talking about: Re-Thinking the Urban Watershed Through Sustainable Landscape Design.

We will also have an exciting lineup of presentations on special SCNPS projects and programs, conduct election of State Board of Directors officers, and you will enjoy a tasty lunch and fellowship with members from across the state.  We will end our day with an opportunity to tour the Botanical Garden, which boasts 70 acres of unparalleled beauty.  All-inclusive registration is only $25.

See the agenda and details on our events calendar and register here.

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Native plants and the native landscape in many ways define us as a state and a people, giving us a sense of belonging, a sense of place. Native plants are our heritage. Be part of that heritage by becoming a member of the South Carolina Native plant society!

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