Pink Perfection Camellia from GARY-SC.

TREE BLOOMING IN DEC. IN CHARLESTON, SC. IN A FRONT YARD.   Hi Gary, this is a popular cultivar, Camellia japonica ‘Pink Perfection’. See: […]

A Liatris from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, Another Liatris: original plant was growing in the Fall Line, rural road, mostly sandy soil (some clay) in full sun. The flower […]

A Liatris from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This Liatris grew from seed collected from a plant growing along a rural road in the Fall Line region, full sun in […]

A Solidago from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This plant was growing in the Piedmont, along a rural dirt road within a pine forest, full sun with afternoon shade. I […]

A grass from Virginia in SC

Growing in our backyard in dappled shade. Suburban Charleston. Hi Virginia, This picture looks  like a Dichanthelium, a segregate of Panicum. I cannot identify it […]

Silphium compositum from Chase in SC

Howdy! I found this plant growing on a sandy slope in Clarendon county during the third week of September. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! […]

A Gardenia from Rob in SC

Greetings from Pawleys Island! We have several of these trees growing around the edge of our property that we moved into last year — a […]