Solanum carolinense from Mary, SC

What is this plant (non flowering as of this date) covered in many thorns, grown in dry, sandy soil? Hi Mary, this is a weedy […]

Paper mulberry from Angela in SC

Hello! I live in Columbia, SC in a rented house near the USC campus. A plant with large, lobed leaves (almost fig-like) has popped up […]

A Hymenocallis from Virginia in SC

These are passalong Spider Lilies, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to determine the species of Hymenocallis from these photos. And if it isn’t clear, […]

Euphorbia hirta from Virginia in SC

Volunteer in a pot- either of local (Charleston) origin, or via the SC nursery I bought a Penstemon dissectus from. Possibly a spurge? Thanks for […]

Physalis from Virginia in SC

I first found this plant in our somewhat shady yard several years ago. An Internet search made me think it was Physalis cinerascens. I looked […]

Sabatia from Mary, SC

Is this a type of violet, grown in dry sandy soil? Hi Mary, no, it is not a violet.  It is instead a nice wildflower […]

A poppy from Leslie, South Carolina

I planted a southeastern native wildflower seed mix packet this spring and this is one of the flowers that came up. I tried to reverse […]