Halesia tetraptera from Joanne in sc

Hiking Cradle of Forestry. Saw interesting bark striped pattern. Took pics bark and leaves. Staff was stumped. Maybe it was striped maple but we thought […]

Penthorum sedoides from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, (I’m resending this because I got an error message.) This is another pond plant from the Fall Line in full sun, photographed […]

A Desmodium from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This plant was photographed on Aug. 11 in the Fall Line, full sun, mostly clay soil, in a wide ditch on a […]

Pyrus calleryana from Merrily

Not sure if shrub or tree. Shiny green leaves, slightly curvy. Look like they might be evergreen. There are groups of them growing along my […]

A Prenanthes from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This plant, photographed on July 4, lives at the edge of a swampy area in the Fall Line, partly shady. It has […]