Upstate Community Grants Program

The Upstate Chapter of South Carolina Native Plant Society (SCNPS) is pleased to announce our Upstate Community Grants Program. Part of the SCNPS mission is to promote native plants through planting natives, the removal of exotics (i.e., non-native/invasive) species,  and educating our neighbors through outreach. The grants program (“Program”) is designed to engage the the widest possible public in local projects that align with our mission to “Protect & Restore” our heritage native plants, and to “Educate” our Upstate communities.

If your organization, community group, school, or any other entity is interested in working with native plants in any capacity, we encourage you to consider applying for one of our grants!  

Please read on for details


  • Projects must be directed at protecting, preserving, or restoring, and/or educating the public, about native plants or native plant communities.
  • The project must be located in one or more of the nine Upstate counties (Abbeville, Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg, Union).
  • Priority will be given to those projects involving education; public land or places of cultural significance; preserving rare species; the removal of invasive/exotic species; etc. (not necessarily in that order!).
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have the means (capacity, time, manpower, enthusiasm, etc.) available to complete and maintain the project.
  • Community project funds are not to be used on personal property and not for personal gain (although we encourage private homeowners to invest their own time and resources into re-envisioning and replanting their own properties with native plants!).
  • Projects should be scheduled to begin within one year of the grant issuance and completed within two years of said issuance.
  • Applicants may only apply for one project per fiscal year.
  • Applicant must submit an application (available for download below) that includes:
    • Project contact (name, phone number, and email address required)
    • Project location
    • Project budget (include any matching funds – source(s) and amounts)
    • Project description (How does this project benefit or demonstrate the value of native plants? Who will benefit?)
    • Project timeline, including the start and completion dates
    • A description of how the project will be sustained/maintained over time (including, Who will be responsible?)
    • Letters of support from partners and/or landowners (who must be named/identified in the application)

Award Amounts:

Individual award amounts will generally not exceed $1,000; however, larger amounts may be considered.

Application Deadlines:

Until further notice, we are waiving the application deadlines. You may now submit grant applications for immediate consideration.


We encourage you to reach out if you have ideas or questions about our Grant Program or the grant application, or if you would like clarification on any of the information presented in this announcement. For inquiries, please reach out to

Upstate Chapter Grant Application

Application for grant

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Application Download:

Please note that applications should be no more than three pages long.

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