Salvia lyrata from Jim in SC

I live in Greenville County, between Greer and Traveler’s Rest. Throughout my sunny and partially shaded backyards, these beautiful plants appeared a few years ago and have increased in number each year.

The plant in the attached photo has a stalk that’s about one foot tall. The leaves at the base are a nice combination of green and purple

I’d like to know it’s name, and if it’s edible. The leaves would make a beautiful salad.


Hi Jim,

this is a rather common native wildflower that can appear in huge colonies in disturbed grounds and roadsides. It is a mint, actually, in the same genus as sage, and is named lyre-leaved sage, Salvia lyrata.  This site lists several uses and or details, including uses in salads:  I apologize for the image – the one you sent showed the entire plant – I don’t know why it ended up looking like this.

Sometimes I think of this as the tick plant – when it is at its best flower, the ticks are most frequent in the area! at least on me…… but don’t blame the plant!



Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist  SCNPS

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