Photinia serrulata from Ronnie, South Carolina

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I found this plant and several other like it in the woods near my home. They are about a foot tall with sharp prickly leaves, like a holly. (which the holly society says that it is not) They are growing in almost full shade, with the woods being around 50 acres. There are little creeks at the bottom, but they were not growing next to one. Other shrubs that I have identified in the same woods are Nandina, Chinese Privet and Sparkleberry. Any information would be appreciated.
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Hi Ronnie,

this appears to be Photinia serrulata ‘Curly Fantasy’. Photinias, or redtips, are commonly grown and escape in our area.  The leaf shape can be quite variable. Here is a link that may help:


Steve Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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