Monotropa hypopitys from Dawn SC

I’ve never seen this before. Located on the battlefield trail of a state park. Hi Dawn, your plant is a wonderful native usually called Pinesap, […]

Houttuynia cordata from Mary, SC

What is this invasive plant/weed that grows in shade (under shrubs), sandy, dry soil, and has a distinctive/sour odor when pulled? Hi Mary, this plant […]

Conoclinium coelestinum from Jeff in SC

found on roadside, small clusters of purple flowers. pictures were taken in southern Greenville county. lived here for over 25 years and have never seen […]

Euonymus americanus from Annette

Wild plant develops Pinkish / Purple pods that produce red / orange seeds. Growing a]directly adjacent to a tree in the shade and is not […]

Andropogon ternarius from Mary, SC

What is this blueish-green grass about 3-4 feet tall that is growing now in dry, sandy soil? Hi Mary, this is most likely Andropogon ternarius, […]