Nothoscordum bivalve ? from Vickey, South Carolina

Hi Dr. Hill!

The closest I could find on the name that plant site was false garlic. However, this (shot Saturday) is fragrant like a lily. From what I could find on false garlic – it has no scent. It was growing in my backyard and was nearly two feet tall on a slender green stem that oozed clear liquid when my puppy broke it off. The leaves appear to be simple and slender almost like grass. What is it? The scent is sweet and light!

If this is a duplicate request, I apologize. My internet has been spotty at best, but it didn’t look like my pics uploaded.

Thank you!

Hi Vickey,

well, if it isn’t false garlic, what I usually call crow poison, then I don’t know what it is.  Nothoscordum bivalve. I think there is a related species also called Nothoscordum inodorum. Maybe this site will help:

I must confess, I’ve never noticed the flower odor … I guess I’ve never gotten close enough.  It is also possible that I am wrong!  Perhaps that website will help a little.  The pictures certainly match.  HOWEVER that seems a bit too tall for crow poison which is usually half that size…


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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