Lespedeza hirta from Chase in South Carolina

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I found this plant growing in a cutdown located alongside a dry longleaf pineland. I originally thought this plant might be Lespedeza hirta, but the leaf tip seems more acute. This specimen was about 2 1/2 ft. tall with a semi-erect habit. Photos were taken in Clarendon county, SC – August, 2017. Thanks!

Hi Chase,

your plant is indeed Lespedeza hirta, and it is widespread in South Carolina. The inflorescences are many-flowered and dense, and are raised above the leaves, which are typically with three rounded leaflets.   I don’t see any problem with the leaf tips on your specimen which are within the normal range of variation.  Its close relative, Lespedeza capitata, has much longer and narrower pointed leaflets.


Steven Hill, Ph.D., Botanist SCNPS

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