Krigia virginica from Virginia in SC

Growing in full sun in dry, sandy soil in the yard, and blooms in April. I haven’t noticed any rebloom. I’m guessing it’s some type of Krigia, and K. virginica seems closest in descriptions (and is the only Krigia that’s common in the coastal plain, according to Name That Plant), but the basal leaves of my plants seem more ornately and roundly lobed than in photos. I don’t know if that’s normal variation within the species, or if this might be something else.

Individual plants are very small, and hard to photograph. The plants tend to clump together, as in the photos. The flowers are golden-yellow to orange-yellow. The basal rosette is under 2″ across, and the tallest flower stalk I measured was 9″.

Hi Virginia,

you are right – it is the plant named after you! [couldn’t resist], Krigia virginica, the dwarf dandelion. Wait for the fruits…they are tiny but beautiful and distinctive! The leaves can be variable, but yours are not really unusual.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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