Japanese knotweed and lyre-leaved sage from Deb Gingras – South Carolina

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I had this plant show up on my property this Spring. I did bring some soil in from a materials yard for a septic drain field repair but that is the only change in the property and this plant was not here previously. It is actually pretty, almost vine like, it does not have tendrils but will trail along the ground and get a bit bushy. The leaves are shaped similar to a porthos plant and have quite a bit of red coloring and veining when small – when the leaves get larger they are almost all green – thank you


Hi Deb,

you sent two pictures, with more than 3 plants in them.  The picture shown here looks like Japanese knotweed – Fallopia japonica.  The second picture you sent has a red-veined plant, and the plant is lyre-leaved sage, Salvia lyrata – a native plant.  The Fallopia / Polygonum can be invasive.  Neither one is viny, however. You can resubmit with more images if you want me to check again.


Steve Hill, Ph.D., Botanist,SCNPS

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