Blueberries from Roberto in SC

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Hi, I found this plant across the street from my father house, in Bluffton, SC.
It has a lot o berries and they look like blueberries to me, but want to make sure. There are bushes, from 1 ft to about 5 the tallest. Trees found around are oaks, maple, gum tree, pines.
I hope this is enough info, thank you so much!!

Hi Roberto,

yes, these are blueberries.  There is quite a bit of variation, and some have berries that appear black, though this is less common.  The dark fruited one has been called Vaccinium atrococcum at times, but that is considered to be a synonym of Vaccinium corymbosum, the highbush blueberry, by most people today. I’d eat them, though I probably cannot recommend that on this site. Be sure that the 5 little sepals are found at the end of the fruit [the top of the fruit] because a few other shrubs have blackish berries with the sepals under the fruit at its stalk, and those should not be eaten.

I hope this helps.


Steve Hill, Ph.D., Botanist, SCNPS

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