An Angel’s trumpet from Denise in SC

This bush was cut to the ground in Mt Pleasant, SC yard when we moved in June of this year. Four months later, it has grown to at least 5 feet with these long yellow tubular flowers. What is this beautiful and fast growing bush ?!

Denise, this is a Brugmansia, or angel’s trumpet.  There are several species and hybrids, and the flowers can be pure white, pink, orange and red, I think.  It used to be put in the genus Datura, and the flowers and leaves can be poisonous if eaten [they have powerful alkaloids].  Some people have also smoked the leaves as a hallucinogen, but others have died from overdoses doing this.  It is a very close relative of Jimsonweed, but is native to tropical cool mountains.  It is easily propagated by rooting cuttings.


–Steve Hill, Ph.D.  SCNPS


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