A large-flowered St. John’s-wort from Allyson in SC

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This photo was taken 2-3 weeks ago, which was November 17. This shrub bloomed spring/summer and i was surprised to see just these two flowers last month. I didn’t cut it back, as i did with the roses, which are waning just now. I don’t think there was any fragrance. The plant is around 3 or so feet high and a foot or more wide. thanks.

Hi Allyson,

your shrub is one of the St. John’s-wort species, genus Hypericum.  I would tend to call yours Hypericum ‘Hidcote’, a hybrid cultivar, but it also could be Hypericum calycinum, a native of Europe and Asia.  Still another possibility, but not as likely, is Hypericum frondosum, a native shrub that usually grows in limestone glades.  These are all quite showy, and tend to produce many flowers in full sunlight.


Steve Hill, Botanist, SCNPS

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