Immature weed from Nate in SC

This is cropping up in my yard. I’m not sure what it is. It’s primarily popping up where my grass is sparse. Hi Nate, I’m […]

Pinus virginiana from Joanne in SC

I keep finding new tree species in my backs wooded area. Twisty. Soft needles. Virginia pine? Hi Joanne, I think you are correct – Virginia […]

Setaria glauca from Mike in SC

This plant is taking over my fescue pastures in Spartanburg County. Hi Mike, this grass is called common bristlegrass, Setaria glauca. There are several invasive […]

Cosmos bipinnatus from Al in SC

Likely a perennial, approx 3’ height or taller. Multi color blooms. Hi Al, this is Cosmos bipinnatus, usually just called Cosmos. It is an annual.  […]

A Xyris from Mary, SC

What is this tiny yellow flower, blooming in bunches grown in dry, sandy soil? Hi Mary, this is one of the many species of Xyris, […]

Sassafras albidum from Mary, SC

Is this young tree in the maple family grown in sandy, loam soil? Hi Mary, actually, this is a small Sassafras tree, Sassafras albidum, which […]