Silene latifolia from Mary, SC

Is this a member of the thistle family grown in dry, sandy soil or is it not blooming enough to tell? Hi Mary, no, this […]

Kolkwitzia amabilis from Joyce in SC

Photo taken of shrub May 13 in Pickens County SC near highway 11. Friends saw it in flower at an earlier date; one stated “pinkish” […]

Physalis virginiana from DianeP, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This plant was growing along a woodland path in the fall line. It receives dappled sunlight through mostly white oak trees. I […]

Rudbeckia hirta from DianeP, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This flower appeared near my seed-grown patch of wildflowers, a gift from a bird is my guess as it is not far […]

Humulus lupulus from Angel, KY

Is this poison ivy and/or sumac? They are growing side by side in my front yard mulch. Hi Angel, it is neither. You have a […]