A Smilax? from Brendan in SC

Just popped up the other day and is growing incredibly fast! Almost looks like bamboo but is different especially since there’s a small bamboo seedling […]

Alcea rosea from Nancy in SC

Last summer I thought this could be a squash plant but it isn’t viney. It’s stayed green all winter. A neighbor suggested it could be […]

Helleborus x hybridus from Brenda in SC

Winter blooming with rough edges leaves Hi Brenda, this is a hellebore, also called Lenten Rose, a commonly grown perennial from Europe. It is usually […]

Aeschynomene from Virginia in SC

I submitted photos in August of a mystery plant, and you suggested Sesbania as an ID, but it did eventually flower in October, and I […]

Gnaphalium purpureum from Albert in SC

Please identify attached plant….weed ? Thank you. Hi Albert, this appears to be the plant known as cudweed, Gnaphalium purpureum. It is widespread and common, […]