Prunus caroliniana from Virginia in SC

There are a few of these trees growing in our suburban Charleston neighborhood, and after squinting at a lot of online photos, I’m thinking this […]

Baccharis halimifolia from Bert in SC

Fast and prolific grower, flowers in fall and produces copious airy seeds like dandelion, seems to grow nearly 12 ft tall with trunks a few […]

Berchemia scandens from DianeP, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This fairly smooth, pale green vine is growing in shady white oak and pine woods in the fall line. Even on January […]

Acalypha rhomboidea from DianeP, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, I don’t want your skills to get rusty during winter, so I’m seeking identification of a pond-side plant that I photographed Sept. […]

A wild plum from Diane P., SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This is a shrub or small tree (deer keep eating it back, so it’s hard to be sure), growing in full sun […]

Symphyotrichum patens from Mary, SC

Is this flower in the wild aster family, grown in dry, sandy soil (taken today…10/31)? Hi Mary, yes this is one of the native blue […]