Carya cordiformis from George Dunn

This hickory is growing on a high bank on black creek in Florence county,S.C. The tree is dropping fruit early November. The outer shell is […]

Urena lobata from Gina SC

I have three of these beautiful plants pop up in my garden this year. I am sure I can thank the birds for sharing this […]

Verbascum thapsus from Becky in SC

This plant was growing on land which has both open fields and woods. It was growing where the woods and open land meet. The plant […]

Carex lurida from DianeP, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, Another pond plant. These photos are from May of this year. Full sun, edge of pond, fall line region. I’d like confirmation […]

Immature weed from Nate in SC

This is cropping up in my yard. I’m not sure what it is. It’s primarily popping up where my grass is sparse. Hi Nate, I’m […]

Pinus virginiana from Joanne in SC

I keep finding new tree species in my backs wooded area. Twisty. Soft needles. Virginia pine? Hi Joanne, I think you are correct – Virginia […]