Lupinus diffusus from Mary, SC

Is this in the sage family/no odor, grown in dry, sandy soil, blooming now? Hi Mary, no, not the sage family but it is in […]

Viola pedata from Mary, SC

Is this low growing flower, blooming now, in dry, sandy soil a relative of the blue violet? Hi Mary, yes it is.  It is the […]

Weed from Debbie, Murrells Inlet, SC

These weeds are popping up all over our yard this spring. Can’t identify them. Hi Debbie, I need pictures showing more of the plant to […]

Lonicera japonica from Logan in SC

The plant in question is a slender, vine like plant that grows in large patches/swathes in my yard. It has a stem which is reddish […]

Cerastium sp. from Virginia in SC

This was a volunteer in a pot. I’m guessing it’s something weedy in the borage family, but can’t seem to land on an ID. The […]

Decumaria barbara from DianeP, SC

Hi, Dr. Hill, This vine is growing in the fall line area of SC, open woods, photographed March 23. Thanks for your time! Diane Hi […]

Prenanthes sp. from Mitzi in SC

Discovered along the roadside last fall in Chester County, SC, while investigating an area with blooming Solidago erecta and Pityopsis graminifolia. West facing location, but […]