Parthenocissus quinquefolia from Nick in SC

Ivy growing under our house stairs. Hi Nick, your vine is called Virginia creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia. Quinquefolia means 5-leaved – so not at all related […]

Sabatia quadrangula from Mary, SC

Is this wild buckwheat or a relative of it, grown in dry, sandy soil? Hi Mary, no, not a buckwheat or its relative – this […]

A Rubus from Joya in SC

I may have planted this. My husband wants to whack it down. I’m an ignorant but loyal botanist. Hi Joya, your plant is one of […]

Verbena canadensis? from Mary, SC

What is this purple flower usually growing in clusters in pastures or ditches, blooming typically mid to late May? Hi Mary, I cannot be certain […]

Prunus persica? from Bill Davis

I found the seed (persimmon like) deposited on my property this past Feb. and planted it in April. Hi Bill, well, it looks like a […]

? from Joanne, South Carolina

found in my backyard, seems very hardy in clay soil with a white oak tree growing along with it. I would like to cultivate more […]

A composite? from Terry in SC

Found on our property in Laurens County. It is found on the edges of fields and trails just inside the woods. Spreading aggressively. Fast grower. […]