Fig Buttercup Eradication

How to Identify & Report a Fig Buttercup

Fig buttercup (Ficaria verna) at Conestee Nature Preserve, SC. Credit: Janie Marlow

Help become a Community Scientist by scouting areas near you where the Fig Buttercup is likely to be found, so that emerging infestations can be documented, treated, and monitored. Watch this video to learn when and where to look for it, how to recognize it, and what to do if you find it.


If you suspect that you have found a Fig Buttercup

Please click here to notify the Clemson University Department of Plant Industry and the SCNPS.  

  • Or you can contact Clemson University Department of Plant Industry at 864.646.2140
  • Or you can contact your local Clemson University Extension Service office

In the meantime, please avoid disturbing the area to prevent further spread.

Email Us to Report a Sighting