About the Upstate Chapter

The Upstate Chapter was formed in 2003 and geographically it is loosely formed around the following counties (although anyone can join or participate):

Abbeville, Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Laurens, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg

This area of the state encompass portions of both the Blue Ridge and Piedmont ecoregions, creating the most biologically diverse areas in the State.


Who We Are:

The Upstate Chapter is the largest of six state chapters with a membership of about 1,000 and a news and social media ‘reach’ of over 2,000.  Our  dynamic leadership team consists of a Board of Directors as well and a variety of standing chairs with important missions.  Below is a snap-shot of our key leadership positions with their contact links.  Click on any one of the links below to reach out to one of our Board members for assistance.

What We Do:

  • Meetings
    • Monthly chapter meetings (3rd Tuesday of each month)
    • Annual membership meeting (a state-wide event)
    • Annual holiday party
  • Field Trips
    • Interpretative hikes

      Plant rescue, October 2022 at Nine Times Preserve

    • Boat tours
    • Seed collecting
  • Conservation Projects
    • Preservation projects
    • Plant rescues
    • Restoration projects
    • Invasive eradication
  • Upstate Native Nursery
    • Propagation workshops
    • Greenhouse Gang
    • Plant sales
  • Conservation Advocacy
    • Conservation partnerships
    • Legislation
    • Public awareness

To stay tuned into Upstate events, visit our EVENTS CALENDAR

To join, please visit our MEMBERSHIP page.

To subscribe to our news monthly newsletter The Upstate Happenings, just send an e-mail to our NEWSLETTER EDITOR.