The South Carolina Native Plant Society, in cooperation with other non-profit organizations as well as state and federal agencies, is working hard to protect and restore our state’s natural habitats. Your donations of time, talent, and money are vital to the continued work of the SCNPS… and we THANK YOU!

We have accomplished much over the years. Waaaay back in 2005, the Southern Regional Forester’s Award was given to members of the United States Forest Service (USFS) and to our own Bill Stringer for their work in restoring native grasses to national forest lands. This innovative program by a Federal agency and a non-profit environmental group stands as a model approach to solving a difficult problem. Over the years, Forest Service leaders in several other states have regularly contacted the USFS in South Carolina for guidance in starting similar programs in their states.

In addition, we are involved in these important projects:

  • In the summer and fall, we collect native grass seeds and provide them to the U.S. Forest Service, so that the Service can line its roads in South Carolina with our native grasses;
  • We have worked with the state parks and the Forest Service to relocate a trail at Oconee Station Falls, to protect the native wildflowers contained in that special place;
  • We have rescued thousands of native plants threatened by development and transplanted them to restoration sites and public parks;
  • We have removed invasive species from Heritage Trust sites and Reedy River preserves, to protect and restore valuable native plant communities;
  • We continue to educate the public through plant sales, public meetings, newsletters, and press releases, to promote wise conservation practices;
  • We are restoring native prairies in Oconee County and on the Reedy River;
  • We are working to protect the Tyger River and the surrounding National Forest from a proposal to dam the river and cut down the forest;
  • And we are involved in numerous other efforts, both small and large, from the municipal level to the state (and beyond), that aim at saving our planet, one plant at a time.

And we keep on keeping on, with the generous help of our members and donors — which is to say: benefactors like YOU.

Please consider a special contribution to expand this important work. Any and every amount makes a difference.