Blue Ridge Parkway by Rick Huffman

Event:  Tour Blue Ridge Parkway

Location:  Blue Ridge Parkway, Black Balsam

Date:  Saturday September 4th

Leaders:   Rick Huffman, Environmental Designer; Dan Whitten, Naturalist

Hike:  Moderate

The Blue Ridge Parkway in Western North Carolina is a magical botanical treasure any time of year. Roadsides and cliffs drape with a precession of colors and textures that tell a story of time and place. Fall comes early and the show of Mountain ash, Asters, Goldenrods, Grass of Parnassus, and Gentians are always spectacular. 

SCNPS will sponsor an all-day field trip to the beautiful and diverse Blue Ridge Parkway.  Participants will meet at 10 am at Devils Court House parking lot. Due to COVID safety, we will carpool to various destinations and overlooks. Final itinerary will be sent prior the event. Please dress appropriately and bring lunch and water. 

Our trip will be led by renowned parkway expert Rick Huffman and Naturalist Dan Whitten. We are honored to provide this wonderful opportunity to share a Parkway Day. 

Limit: 15 people, RSVP, Contact: Rick Huffman 864-901-7583 [email protected]

Chris Sermons 864 992 6987 [email protected]