Yaupon from Steve in South Carolina

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This is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that likes to grow in dense populations in pine woods. In the deep woods they are a pleasant addition to the diversity. In my woodsy yard, they are a nuisance, taking over large pieces of property. They grow from tiny to 15 feet tall with trunks as large as about 3 inches. The smaller ones (<1/2-inch diameter) are very easy to uproot by hand and have a major root that runs shallow along the ground. They are pleasant plants until they take over. The first photo is a very small specimen in isolation. The second photo shows a dense population of larger plants. thank you.

Hi Steve,

this looks like our common shrub called yaupon, a type of holly, Ilex vomitoria. It was used a lot by the Indians as a dark tea in purification rites. I don’t recommend the tea!


Steven Hill, Ph.D., Botanist


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