unknown fruits from Kelly in SC

Looks like hanging berries. They grow in tall trees. Have seen them near our creek, but also in the woods that aren’t near a water source. We are in upstate SC.



I am not positive about this one, especially because you describe it as a tree.  It does appear to be in the Anacardiaceae, Cashew family, the same family that has the sumacs, poison ivy, and several edible-fruited plants.  This site should give you an idea of the variety of plants in the family, but there are many others http://waynesword.palomar.edu/ecoph43.htm  I thought it might be a Pistachia chinensis, but the fruits in your picture look hairy, and the Chinese pistache fruits are not.  Sumac fruits are usually hairy, such as in Rhus copallina and Rhus glabra, but the twig in the picture does not look a lot like those, and they do not grow into trees – they are shrubs usually not much taller than a person.  If you can ever send a picture with the leaves as well, that would probably help.  To confuse the issue, the twigs in your picture look a lot like elderberry twigs…

–Steve Hill, Ph.D., Botanist  SCNPS

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