Strange vine from Brian in SC

I was hiking around hogback mountain in northern Greenville county and came across a vine growing on a tree with a funny looking fruit growing off of it that looked like a cucumber or okra. I’ve never seen this before,what kind of vine is this?


Hi Brian,

this is a very interesting photograph.  I am rather sure that this is the pipevine,  Aristolochia durior, but the fruit is not at all typical.  I cannot explain the rough surface because they are generally smooth.  I know of no other vines in the Upstate that match this exactly.  The leaves and stems are a perfect match for Aristolochia durior.  Please see this website and its picture for comparison and perhaps you can tell me if the vine is this.  If you see more with fruits like this, or if you have more pictures I’d like to see them.

I hope this helps!


Sincerely,  Steve Hill  SCNPS




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