Sherardia arvensis from Kira, South Carolina

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Very tiny 4-petal flowers that are either blue or lavender, but they look more white in the photos. They are really tiny and they’re everywhere. They are short plants, only a few inches tall. We are wondering what they are. I don’t recall seeing them before, but maybe it’s just because there are so many now.

Hi Kira,

your plant is becoming more and more common in lawns and other disturbed open areas. It is called blue fieldmadder, Sherardia arvensis, and it is not native here. It is a close relative of Galium and it is in the same plant family as coffee.  Once scarce, since the 1960’s it has spread widely at least from Illinois to the Gulf and east to the Atlantic coast.

I apologize for the delay in my reply. I had software issues that only now have been fixed. Thank you for your patience.


Dr. Steven Hill, Botanist, SCNPS


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