Sesbania punicea from TL in Charleston SC

Found this along side road off Hwy 61 near Magnolia Gardens – road had water (fresh) on each side. I think pea family? Tall, about 7 ft, Orange flowers, long brown pods. leaves like sensitive plant, but didn’t test if they folded up.
Thank you.

Hi TL,

your plant is Sesbania punicea. Sesbania punicea is widely used as an ornamental plant for its attractive compound leaves, bright red flowers and persistent winged fruit. As with many invasive ornamentals, rattlebox has found its way out of cultivation and into natural areas. It favors moist, wet environments and is often found along river banks and wetlands. Sesbania punicea is native to South America. All parts of Sesbania are poisonous, particularly the seeds.

Sincerely, SH

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